Nice Girls finish last – Arrels Picture Contest

Chicas y chicos enviadnos vuestras mejores fotos bebiendo vinos o cavas Arrels. Las publicaremos todas en nuestro blog de nuestra nueva web 2.0. la cual se lanzara en una semanita. La mejor foto ganara una caja de nuestra mejor selección de vinos y cavas. Ni la ciudad ni el país, donde os lo bebéis importa. … Sigue leyendo

Wine Snobbery

“A complex wine with a powerful nose, raspberry aromas dominating over smoked notes coming from the crianza. Silky on the mid palate with a tannic finish.” Today’s debates are frequently about the speculation whether such description is actually consumer friendly or in fact the opposite. Critics keep on pointing their fingers on professionals who at … Sigue leyendo

Swede Decadence; The Decline of the Sparkling

Pepe’s Bodega. One might think that Pepe’s Bodega in Båstad west- south of Sweden, is a typical Spanish tapas bar, with unpretentious wines from Spain’s decent regions for reasonable prices. Well, that is as far away from the reality as is Båstad from Stockholm.  Correction. Pepe’s Bodega, is a luxury night club with pretentious champagnes, … Sigue leyendo

Accurate Wine Appraisal

Another approach to wine evaluation There are several ways to evaluate a wine. Most of these assessments are based on points which award wines in proportion to numerical scores. Wine tasters aim to numeral wines systematically according to a sensory analysis. Vice versa a wine scores points for its appearance, intensity of colour, smell, taste … Sigue leyendo

Spanish Pride vs. Spanish Wine

Stereotypes about Spanish are as lively and vivid as the multi-coloured landscape that paints the Iberian Peninsula. They are commonly exaggerations nevertheless somehow, in one way or another, they are true. Thus it is generally believed that Spaniards are someway impulsive, loud, vulnerable and very proud.  They like fiestas and bull fights, do things with … Sigue leyendo

Summer Mood

New Oven & Montau Cava

New Opening, inauguration this Friday: Showroom “New Oven” by Metal sponsored by Tanqueray London Gin and Montau de Sadurní. New Oven is the place to go every Friday and meet interesting people from the world of fashion, photography, music, art and more. Come by and start the night with a glass of our funky Cava, … Sigue leyendo

La coacción de las puntuaciones

No vamos a optar por puntuaciones! Por varios razones. Porque el modelo se esta agotando; es bien subjetivo, caprichoso, incoherente, inoportuno, desacertado y perjudicial. En nuestra sociedad existe la necesidad de clasificar, fichar y numerarlo todo – todo lo que no esta catalogizado, existe solo en el universo pero no en le mente donde no … Sigue leyendo

Los efectos beneficiosos de la dieta mediterránea

Nuestra cocina promete mucho! Además de salud y bienestar también una vida muy larga. Vivimos mas y mejor porque comemos “slow”. Nos tomamos el tiempo necesario y disfrutamos de una comida rica en vitaminas y compañía. Y que sorpresa el vino se encuentra en la pirámide de alimentación desde hace poco científicamente justificado y reconsidero … Sigue leyendo

080 BCN Fashion Week 2010

Our cava promotion for Martin Lamothe turned out inspiring in return. We enjoyed the show from a first line perspective and got to see, to hear and  to feel good music, beautiful models and awesome remarkable fashion. What more does one need? Maybe a glass of awe-inspiring cava?! Yeah, they got that too Montau de … Sigue leyendo