New Oven & Montau Cava

New Opening, inauguration this Friday: Showroom “New Oven” by Metal sponsored by Tanqueray London Gin and Montau de Sadurní. New Oven is the place to go every Friday and meet interesting people from the world of fashion, photography, music, art and more. Come by and start the night with a glass of our funky Cava, … Sigue leyendo

Varieties of tunes & wines for moods and moments

Since this blog is the result of the merger of my world with the world of Montau de Sadurní and the world of wine in general I can’t help to stop my urge of making continuous reference to the music that so often accompanies my wine moments. Music adds rhythm to, I am pretty sure … Sigue leyendo

Montau de Sadurní desea felices fiestas

This Christmas

It didn’t happen until today that I got to feel the merry spirit! Throughout the past weeks none of the insinuating Xmas allegories managed to get me into the mood even though the festive attitude already evolved out of its prevailing pattern by the beginning of November. I couldn’t feel more regardless towards the gradual … Sigue leyendo

Days of Wine and … Cava

“The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play Through a meadow land toward a closing door A door marked “nevermore” that wasn’t there before” (Frank Sinatra: Sinatra Sings Days of Wine and Roses, Moon River, and other Academy Award Winners, 1964.) Wine & Roses a pattern that works … Sigue leyendo

Vinoterapia – The Cure – A self-made heaven

Yes, this post is indeed about The Cure! What does one the greatest groups ever have to do with the drink of the Gods?  Just enough to make you blissful, ecstatic, delighted or simply content. For it is the merger of the interrelation of two arts that obviously have the power to put you in … Sigue leyendo

Urban Pleasures Montau de Sadurni cava sponsor for Nave910

There is a lot of HOTSTUFF going on these days … We dress up for this week’s event Who cares who wins Nave 910 Barcelona exhibits Stencil Artist Sixten’s latest artwork. If you are in Barcelona and hungry for art come by and witness Sixten’s awesome live wall painting. But that’s not all; to spice … Sigue leyendo

All I need is wine & music! Jazzul

Is there anything better than to finish the week with a fine merlot reserva and some good live music? Come along and experience Jazzul on their imaginative journey through the colorful spectrum of their rhythm, texture and space. Faithful to all creative disciplines Jazzul regards their interpretation as a communicative necessity based on interactive ideas … Sigue leyendo