Varieties of tunes & wines for moods and moments

Since this blog is the result of the merger of my world with the world of Montau de Sadurní and the world of wine in general I can’t help to stop my urge of making continuous reference to the music that so often accompanies my wine moments. Music adds rhythm to, I am pretty sure to affirm, everybody’s life; it makes vain moments thriving and transforms blank into filled. Depending on our mood a particular song can result as completely satisfying. Pairing mood with music is certainly not like pairing wine with food but it does have the same effects though. Contentment, fulfilment, happiness, pleasure triggered off by the perfect counter-part.

I am a huge Cure fan and listen to them practically anytime however there are some tunes that only crave up in me when I am feeling desolate. These are the gloomy songs like Lost and Pictures of You which have a much bigger effect on me when accompanied by the versatile Pinot Noir or an opaque Cabernet Sauvignon. Grapes with remarkable personalities just like The Cure. The profound sadness achieved by this trio of dismal mood, gloomy tune, and scarlet wine after all provokes fulfilment even though a bitter sweet one.

Listening to Green Day on the other hand requires a more prevailing mood and a quite current, contemporary not less powerful wine. A Syrah with strong aroma characters and flavoury “tertiary” notes, while feeling blissful and listening to Good Riddance (Time of your Life) or Macy’s Day Parade, can be the ideal additive.

I obviously have a preference for dark, gloomy and dim when it comes to wine and music and could give 100 examples of moods, songs and adequate beverages but I think I finish off here with the last threesome of white Chardonnay, Madonna’s Ray of Light and enchanting emotions. A grape multitalented, classic and immensely popular as the artist herself, just right for delightful moments of diversion and pleasure.

I will leave you with Nick Cave’s Dig Lazarus Dig a great song appropriate anytime with anything; almost anything I’m having it with a Rose blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sumoll.



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