La Viña en otoño The Vine in autumn


Ecologic Encouragement

I stumbled over this article from fake plastic fish and felt the necessity to share it with you. How to store products without plastic – a great idea and a greater initiative! If we only all were a little bit more conscious and preoccupied for our environment, less comfortable and critical towards certain kind of … Sigue leyendo

Let’s get happy!

I admit it, this is a very late victory post but better late than never! Congratulate my expatriate country is the least I can do even though it made me sad to the heart to see Germany loose on top against Spain! The octopus Paul knew better – I wished I could consult him for … Sigue leyendo

Accurate Wine Appraisal

Another approach to wine evaluation There are several ways to evaluate a wine. Most of these assessments are based on points which award wines in proportion to numerical scores. Wine tasters aim to numeral wines systematically according to a sensory analysis. Vice versa a wine scores points for its appearance, intensity of colour, smell, taste … Sigue leyendo

New Oven & Montau Cava

New Opening, inauguration this Friday: Showroom “New Oven” by Metal sponsored by Tanqueray London Gin and Montau de Sadurní. New Oven is the place to go every Friday and meet interesting people from the world of fashion, photography, music, art and more. Come by and start the night with a glass of our funky Cava, … Sigue leyendo

Nevada 2010 – Snowfall 2010

Everybody heard about the famous snowfall in Catalunya. We here in Begues were literally covered with snow, so the vineyards. Disregarding the freezing cold Xavier stepped into the icy snow and manifested this beautiful legacy of a day in winter wonderland. Todos hemos oído de la famosa Nevada en Catalunya. Nosotros aquí en Begues hemos … Sigue leyendo

The French Paradox

A few decades ago daily wine consumption was actually considered alcoholism. This conception has been rectified due to scientific studies and reformulated to the following: wine in moderation equals health. Thus it is wrong to assume that wine is the cause of an addiction like alcoholism for did you know that the principal component of … Sigue leyendo

Cita del mes

Las encarnaciones en animales nos revelan a Dioniso como a un ser mucho más importante y peligroso que un mero dios del vino. Es el principio de la vida animal, el cazado y el cazador, la potencia desatada que el hombre envidia en las bestias e intenta asimilar. Originariamente los humanos intentaron alcanzar la comunión … Sigue leyendo

Un verano surrealista – A surreal summer

Lolita Masip Vendrell, dueña de la bodega Montau de Sadurní, me hizo un viaje alegórico a su pasado recordando su inolvidable encuentro con una de las figuras mas emblemáticas del sigo XX: Salvador Dalí. Solía veranear por la Costa Brava, un boyante  Cadaques de los años 60, eterno lugar del reconocido pintor, brillaba con fuerza … Sigue leyendo