Vinoterapia – The Cure – A self-made heaven

The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)Yes, this post is indeed about The Cure!

What does one the greatest groups ever have to do with the drink of the Gods?  Just enough to make you blissful, ecstatic, delighted or simply content. For it is the merger of the interrelation of two arts that obviously have the power to put you in high spirits. Because both have healing effects. In fact there is no better pairing than the juxtaposed sound of Smith’s solid music accompanied by a glass of dark red merlot or a fair sauvignon blanc. Thus, I prefer a cabernet or merlot with the gloomier tunes like “Same deep water as you” or “The Promise” on foggy rainy days, and crave for a brighter and lighter tang while listening to “The Caterpillar” or “The Walk”.

For me such experience equals a spa treatment and that’s where I come to the point; Vinoterapia or Wine therapy! Referring to the latest offers in terms of well being, pampering and treatment, I stumbled over the affirmation that wine not only provokes inner but also outer benefits. Consequently taking a bath in a tub filled up with wine is an option to prevent the so far believed inexorable process of aging. The grape contains Poliphenol, a molecule with antioxidant characteristics which helps to liberate dead cells and thus effects skin regeneration. Elastic and firm skin is the result of good blood circulation and the neutralization of free radicals in our skin, responsible for aging. Applying wine from outside can accordingly help to battle wrinkles and rash spots and stop it from hanging.

The varieties used for wine therapy in Spas and Balnearios are commonly:

  • Lambrusco: rich in minerals
  • Sauvignon: tranquilizing, great for massages
  • Merlot or Cabernet: help erasing dead skin cells
  • Chianti: relaxing characteristics

This is indeed great news being discovered about the benefits of wine and it seems that there is a name and a treatment for anything out there. In this case, as great as it sounds, apart from being somehow decadent it is above all expensive. 130€ for 6 hours wine bathing at a Catalan wine resort is a very high priced cure for a rejuvenating, whether it works or not. However, those who can afford are very welcome to do so and will hopefully share their experiences with me and let me know how many years they have visually lost. Those who cannot afford it on the other hand, can go for the real Cure and for the real drink. For in the end what keeps us young is bliss; like the one you can get to feel when you drink a Arrels Montau de Sadurni Chardonnay while listening to “Just like heaven”.  Is there a better therapy than your favorite wine and your favorite track?

Call it wine therapy, music therapy, meditation, relaxation or whatever you want but what cures in the end is the simple fact that you have enjoyed a self-made heaven.

In this sense I call it Cure

Just like heaven

Have a good week-end

3 Responses to “Vinoterapia – The Cure – A self-made heaven”
  1. ireal dice:

    Mmm.. the wine+music as a cure..Sounds pretty interesting.I was reading in your post about Lambrusco, its been quite a while since I last had one sip of that. As for me, I like red dry wine with my music. It suits me.And since i mentioned Lambrusco, while I was in Barcelona last year ,I visited the Torrres winery. I highly recommend you to try it out !

  2. dani dice:

    I can imagine myself listening to “Love Song” next to my partner and sharing some nice red wine on our balcony

  3. Hilda dice:

    a warm evening, a nice round merlot or cabernet sauvignon and Love Song – ain’t nothing better!!!


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