Under the Influence

montau de sadurni blog, created and up-dated by Barbara Siemianiuk, is the amalgamation of two worlds; Occurrences within wine culture and their influence on a wine fascinated mind.

Every day I become more mesmerized by the power of wine. Working in a winery, as close as possible to vini and viticulture, eventually made me understand that there is so much more in and behind a bottle of wine than previously assumed. Not just fermented grape must but a concept, a cautiously formulated message, human expression and identity. I have set up this blog to reflect on these parameters that so extremely shape the wine panorama. Before I used to buy wine, now I am aware that doing so I actually acquire a piece of specific culture. For that’s what it became in my world and in my mind; the wine, the bottle – a cultural messenger, an ambassador of its region.

The posts are anecdotal, some are informative and entertaining whereas others critical or cynic. Every post is an attempt to contribute to wine culture in an individual way. The winery, incidents and happenings around don’t come short though and sometimes there is more to tell and sometimes less. Nonetheless this is not a winery blog that only speaks about its own wines and its own winery. This is an effort to challenge wine culture from another wine perspective and to suggest a broader view over the immensely diverse, colourful and rich world of wine.

One Response to “About”
  1. James Swann dice:


    The growing season in Bordeaux and other parts of Europe, including Spain, is some two weeks ahead, there is temperatures variation without extremes and drought.

    I am interested in knowing of the development of the current vineyard year in Catalonia, as well as Spain overall. I wondered if you may have any insights?

    Thanks a lot.


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