Beer: Liquid Diet / Program: Friday 11 December 2009

Tangible traces of the origins of beer in Europe go back to the 3rd millennium BC and to Catalunya, more concrete to Can Sadurní, whereas the rest is hard to pin down. Thus each region has its own significant mythology; Finnish Kalevala,  Chech Radegast, ancient Ninkasi to name a few of the figures that we … Sigue leyendo

The making of Arrels Montau de Sadurní Brut Nature

After the aging in the cava cellar more concrete after a minimum resting of 30 months the cavas are ready to be “cut”. First we take them up on the Giro Palet which systematically turns them until they are literally upside down. This process is important because it pushes the lees onto the top of … Sigue leyendo