Beer: Liquid Diet / Program: Friday 11 December 2009

Tangible traces of the origins of beer in Europe go back to the 3rd millennium BC and to Catalunya, more concrete to Can Sadurní, whereas the rest is hard to pin down. Thus each region has its own significant mythology; Finnish Kalevala,  Chech Radegast, ancient Ninkasi to name a few of the figures that we have probably never heard of but who are unofficially related to the beginnings of beer. Only Gambrinus, legendary king of Flanders, might sound familiar to us even though he is another illegitimate patron saint of beer and its brewing. Historical sources however affirm that Gambrinus learned the art of brewing from the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility Isis.  It results hard to picture the retrospective on beer especially since it has its origins in sagas and legends.

However from time to time archaeologists are lucky and come across proofs with more ground. Such mentioned fortunate discovery has happened not so long ago literally just around the corner on our plot Can Sadurní. Hence a prehistoric cave located on our farm turned out to preserve more than Neolithic descent and ancient objects; the cave conserved a good part of the elusive Gambrinus’ legacy; Ancient ingredients that used to be employed to brew ale during the so called Neolithic era 5500 cal BC.

A noteworthy finding that raised interest among people especially in Catalunya and that obviously inspired others to share this recently discovered heritage with everybody. Catalan local television with collaboration of the University of Barcelona have reconstructed the brew according to ancient Neolithic methods. TV3 and 33 will be broadcasting the procedure starting off at Can Sadurní and finishing at Microcervesería del Montseny. Furthermore experts will give their opinion regarding the, so far slightly diffused, positive secondary effects of beer. Consequently only few people know that beer has many vitamins like sodium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1 and zinc and that physiology doctors actually recommend drinking it after exercise.

You can find out more about this topic watching the following programs

  • canal 33 11/12/2009
21:30 Cervesa: aliment líquid Capitol 113
  • canal 33 12/12/2009
02:05 Cervesa: aliment líquid Capitol 113
  • canal 33 12/12/2009
12:25 Cervesa: aliment líquid Capitol 113
  • canal 3 Cat 12/12/2009
12:45 Cervesa: aliment líquid Capitol 113
  • canal 3 Cat 13/12/2009
06:20 Cervesa: aliment líquid Capitol 113


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