Accurate Wine Appraisal

Another approach to wine evaluation There are several ways to evaluate a wine. Most of these assessments are based on points which award wines in proportion to numerical scores. Wine tasters aim to numeral wines systematically according to a sensory analysis. Vice versa a wine scores points for its appearance, intensity of colour, smell, taste … Sigue leyendo

The tasting that changed the world – “Bottle Shock”

We are writing the year 1976, eleven judges of prestigious reputation come together in Paris to experience a true wine revolution; California outdoes France! The judgment of Paris or The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, a competition organized by the British wine merchant and sommelier Steven Spurrier, in order to savor out blind whether the … Sigue leyendo

Los nuevos medios de comunicación (Social media) – Un propósito asequible

¡El vino catalán está pasando por una crisis de identidad! ¿Qué ocurre? Aunque suene ridículo son precisamente los propios catalanes  quienes no beben el vino de su tierra! Cataluña posee 12 denominaciones de Origen, algunas tan únicas como el Penedés o el Priorat, sin embargo a la hora de elegir el vino los catalanes deciden … Sigue leyendo

The Great Chardonnay

Wine is probably the most inspiring subject of all, able to enrich and glamorize any context matter. It is prestigious, popular and persistent and it is en vogue. Yes it is currently “in” to drink wine in our society that seems to add and remove trends according to sales and seasons. Throughout the years wine … Sigue leyendo

Sant Jordi a lo Polaco

At some point expatriates familiarize themselves and eventually get used to the different habits of the country they have decided to live in. Yesterday Catalonia celebrated the Sant Jordi day with the traditional exchange of a rose and a book. So did we, Polish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Peruvian and many others celebrate Sant Jordi, adding … Sigue leyendo

Fiesta forever

Harking back to the origin of the beginning of my love for wine I have merely two words to say which say it all: Expatriate and Fiesta! I am referring to Ernest Hemingway and his groundbreaking novel from 1926 The sun also rises, in Europe also known as Fiesta. A group of American expatriates head … Sigue leyendo