Hand Prints from from the 16th century

Workers have left hand prints on the ceiling in their cava cellar Los trabajadores han dejado huellas de sus manos en el techo de la cava Damals haben Arbeiter ihre Handabdrücke an der Decke im Cava Keller hinterlassen When building the ceiling of the cava cellar most workers left their hand prints to demonstrate how … Sigue leyendo

A Holiday Note

It’s holidays in Spain and it’s time for my weekly post which unfortunately will not appear here exactly now because it hasn’t been written nor investigated yet! Why? Because in July and August the working clock stops ticking and people just lie back. I can’t blog not twit “properly”, if something like that exists, because … Sigue leyendo

Savoring a Penedés – Los Novell 2008

There are 67 qualified denominations in Spain. That means 67 different aromas and 67 different structures within millions of wines which are somehow the same and somehow totally different. The principal characteristics that shape a denomination are the geographic situation and the climate. We can find remarkable distinctions in terms of soil composition and atmosphere … Sigue leyendo

Can Sadurni La Masia

Masia Can Sadurni is one of the oldest and without any doubts one of the best preserved farms in the region. It has been property of the same family (Sadurni) since 1530. The farm plot counts 200 ha with 15 ha geometrically aligned rows of vine stocks according to prehistoric structure. Recent excavations have discovered … Sigue leyendo

In a few words

Montau de Sadurni is about experiencing the Catalan wine terroir. About a family winery with an ancient grape tradition And its people who are 100% passion dedicated to the elaboration of balanced wines and elegant cavas About Can Sadurni; one of the finest wine farms in the regions And about the difference of the Massis … Sigue leyendo