The French Paradox

A few decades ago daily wine consumption was actually considered alcoholism. This conception has been rectified due to scientific studies and reformulated to the following: wine in moderation equals health. Thus it is wrong to assume that wine is the cause of an addiction like alcoholism for did you know that the principal component of wine is water?! Wine white as well as red consist of 87% water and 10% Ethanol. The remaining 3% are vitamins, phenols, sugars, amino acids and others.  Among the phenols we encounter the famous resveratrol which is proved to possess curing cancer effects.

Wine as medicine is neither new nor revealing. Hence it has already been applied by the Egyptians who considered wine a beverage of tremendous value. In the tomb of Tutankhamen 8 amphoras with traces of white and red wine have been discovered. But also Hippocrates and later Pasteur made affirmations about wine as the healthiest of all drinks. A misinterpretation of these statements is due to the individual not to the product. It’s not the wine that makes a person an alcoholic; it’s the disease he is suffering from which is addiction and which can occur in many forms.

Wine and its benefits have been considered throughout civilizations however the most recent interest emerges in 1992 after the publication of The French Paradox by Renaud and Lorgeril. The assertion states the following: The mortality rate caused by cardiovascular diseases is lower in France than in other industrialized countries like the UK or the USA. Even though the French eat a lot of fat (foie, butter), indicate the same plasmatic cholesterol levels and suffer from similar obesity, arterial and tobacco problem as their neighbours, the main cause of death in France has not coronary origins.

The principal cause of death in developed, industrialized countries is provoked by cardiovascular deseases caused by abundant fat nutrition. The reason the French stand out in this research has to do with moderate daily wine consumption. Among all alcoholic beverages wine is the only one that systematically reduced mortality risks caused by the above mentioned deseases. The maximum dose of 3-5 glasses per day, depending on your body mass index, is responsible for this major death toll reduction in France and apparently crucial for our well being.

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