Panel Discussion – What is Blogging and why should a winery have one?

In the framework of the occurrence Blogging the question What is a Blog and why should a winery have one? has been raised while blogging wineries have been invited to answer. Thus I will find myself at the 2nd Annual International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop as a panel speaker and give my thoughts on this by now inevitable and unstoppable subject matter.

I have summarised some answers of Panel Moderator Albert Moreno’s questions.

Here are some preliminary thoughts …

The concept of “blogging” appeared in a totally new light for me after our participation in the Winepleasures Workshop last March 2009. Considering a blog as a mere personal online diary primarily written to share thoughts and feelings with friends, I was proven wrong and told better. Blogging for Bodegas, the introductory speech by Ryan Opaz from Catavino, managed to remove my former scepticism and placed this issue into a completely new context. I faced the fact that one can use the format blog for professional purposes, something that hasn’t occurred to me before even though I was familiar with blogging. I literally visualized that I could offer much more than my wine, namely a wine related story.

So I gave it a try and obviously had to start from scratch. It took two days to give it form and around 3 months to give it content. Now around 10 months later Montau de Sadurní is considered a corporative blog and receives between 20 and 60 visits per day.

Working in a small winery with a rather petite budget plus facing a global crisis one starts feeling the need to reinvent oneself and certain static patterns such as traditional marketing. Using the blog as part of the company’s marketing strategy is becoming second to none. It is dynamic, efficient, economic, interactive, innovative, and allows me to interrelate my subject into further frameworks and backgrounds. It is less aggressive and less aggravating than traditional advertising and treats relevant issues in a more subtle way. Evidently the latter depends on the editor who is obviously free to write whatever he wants however this freedom should never be abused and posts should be treated with accurateness and responsibility. I wouldn’t recommend wineries to start a blog if they cannot commit to it. I started it because apart from realizing the expanding power of the 2.0. web experience, I do enjoy reading and writing in particular. In this sense I write about Montau de Sadurní, its wines and wine culture in the first place, but also about its interrelation with other topics such as fashion, art, music, literature. This on the other hand broadens my audience and enhances a collective experience between the reader and Montau de Sadurní.

I am looking forward to answer more of Albert Moreno’s questions at the Conference next Tuesday.

Tuesday 2nd February 2010, 15.15h – 16.10h

Session 2.3 Penedès (audience 100)

Panel Discussion – What is Blogging and why should a winery have one?

Moderator: Albert Moreno

Panel members: Barbara Siemianiuk (Caves Montau de Sadurní) Ana Belén Hernández Soto (Vintae Luxury Wine Specialists) Marcel Sabaté i Coca (Caves Castellriog)



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