Memories from the U.S.; an open letter from Katherine Teixeira Bender

A few days ago I have received a wonderful mail from Katherine who visited Montau de Sadurni 8 years ago and since then never lost her nostalgia for Spain, wine and our winery in particular.

I visited Montau de Sadurni when I had an internship in Spain the summer of 2002.  My school trip with Florida State University thought it would be fun to stop and do a wine tasting and tour the vineyard.  Little did I know that the stop would change my life.

It was my first time actually tasting wine.  Before, I drank sweet wines without paying attention to their colours, aromas, or bodies. During that visit, however, the wine demanded my attention: I remembered the blanc as light and fresh, the red crianza as fruity and smooth, and the cava was a masterpiece- turned by hand and was elegant.

I fell in love with wine. And with Spain. But mostly wine.

I purchased a few bottles and brought them back with me to the U.S.  I took my new-found appreciation of wine and put it to good use when I moved to Atlanta, GA a few months after my return.  Without knowing anyone else in Atlanta, I sought a wine tasting group so I could make friends.  I instantly became the “Spanish-wine Girl” because I always talked about my experience at Montau de Sadurni, and spoke on the merits of Spanish wine and it’s amazing quality, smoothness, and lushness.  I then was asked to assist at large-scale wine tastings, asked to direct small wine tasting groups of friends, and coordinate wine tasting and salsa nights for social gatherings.

Today, I am a Wine Specialist in Atlanta, GA.  I have conducted wine tastings for thousands of people and have spoken endlessly about the Montau de Sadurni vineyard and the experience of rotating-by-hand the cava bottles, and how hills have great effects on wines, and how they are a wonderful example of Spanish excellence.

It has been 8 years since I first discovered their wine, but whenever I think of Spain, I think of Montau de Sadurni and I hope it one day will make its way to the wine stores of the U.S.

-Katherine Teixeira Bender

One Response to “Memories from the U.S.; an open letter from Katherine Teixeira Bender”
  1. Thank you for recollecting and for telling us your story. I am very happy to hear that Montau de Sadurní somehow served as a muse for you and that what you have experienced here has inspired you to work in the wine business. I wish you a lot of luck and I hope you manage to visit us again some day. We don’t rotate the cava bottles by hand anymore 

    All the best



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