2010 Happy new year to all of you!

Four days ago we left behind the first decade of the 21st century. Ten years of ups and downs, illusions and deceptions, triumphs and failures, winners and losers. However, at the closing stages we prefer to remember only the good sensations; achievements, realizations, victories. Wanting to forget fiascos while actually being right in the middle of an economic crash might not equate at this stage yet being pessimistic will certainly neither. The crisis is the reality of the moment but it will not last forever, hopefully sooner than later our economy will start recover and will give room for wineries to reconstruct and recreate new bubbles. A new viniculture panorama is already evolving thanks to new means of communication and its rapid expansion. The technological development managed to give wine culture a new space within numerous social networks that are on the best way to determine new patterns of consumption, comprehension and understanding. Besides social media the decade has also accomplished remarkable progress in the field of oenology and viticulture and in the development of new technologies and its application in winemaking in particular. Let’s remember the triumphs and learn from the errors and let’s not hope but insist on the truth that the new decade will be golden and bring success, attainment and victory to all of us. In this sense happy New Year!

One Response to “2010 Happy new year to all of you!”
  1. xavi dice:

    Esto sí que es empezar el año con ánimos!
    Con esta manera de pensar seguro que 2010 será mucho mejor que 2009.
    Con esfuerzo se pueden conseguir grandes cosas.
    Saludos y a beber buen vino!


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