Trip to London

Within the framework of our exportation project Montau de Sadurní headed to London to meet a potential importer and simultaneously realize a brief research on the perception of Spanish wines in the UK.

Casa Leal, launched Montau’s Cava reserve and the young red at The Restaurant Show celebrated at Earls Court, London. We experienced a rounded up event, full of latest Horeca tendencies, accompanied by subtle New World fragrances and delicate Old World aromas. Some people, initially sceptical about cava in general, eventually changed their mind after detecting its captivating aroma of rich, lemon notes, mild on the palate and cheerful in the mouth. Sommelier Peter McCombie, Master of Wine, approved it at first taste.  All in all a steady event that, in spite of the glaring light that made it almost impossible to show the edges of the wines, left us with a rather positive impression regarding the British attitude towards the Spanish wine. It’s not their first choice … yet … but there is curiosity, acceptation and there is potential.

Another objective of our journey was a research on London’s wine culture. Based on our mere observation for it doesn’t need more to conclude that London, England, well Great Britain if not the whole United Kingdom has much more wine culture than Spain! If you can chose between five wines by the glass in any pub imagine what you can get in a wine bar: The best of the Old and the New World! Whereas if you sit on the terrace of a Barcelonese bar the best you can get by the glass is the house wine. The country with the most widely planted wine production in the world (1.17 million hectares) can’t do any better?  Hard to believe but, excluding La Rioja, it is apparently so. Maybe restaurant and bar owners should consider that if they pour at least good wine by the glass, the guest will most likely repeat. Is it so obvious that it is too hard to see?

Again, I have great expectations that little by little this grey wine panorama will change and soon we will be able to enjoy a decent even slightly pretentious wine on a simple Spanish terrace in a non-pretentious bar. Concerning London and the Horeca scenario there’s not much left to say as they get all the credits for spreading wine culture in the most colourful and tolerant way. Enjoy some rather bad pictures but my good camera broke ….

The Restaurant ShowMiguel & Barbara at the stand Restaurant Show

The Restaurant ShowWineblogger Denise Medrano aka The Winesleuth

The Restaurant ShowMiguel pouring cava

The Restaurant ShowGood traffic, bad light, bad camera…



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