A Holiday Note

It’s holidays in Spain and it’s time for my weekly post which unfortunately will not appear here exactly now because it hasn’t been written nor investigated yet! Why? Because in July and August the working clock stops ticking and people just lie back. I can’t blog not twit “properly”, if something like that exists, because I just don’t have the time! It’s paradox but I have more work in the holiday period than normal. While Spain lies back other countries keep on working, ordering and wanting such fine things as wine. The five days week is filled with more market studies, more newsletters and proposals for clients and to become clients, more follow-ups, more phone calls, reports, sample and order preparations. Consequently I had to abandon Twitter for a while and my blog follow-up – subsequently my hits have dropped however ironically my sales and enquiries went up because I have put myself 100% into the cause. Thus I have spent more time on the telephone and on preparing offers and proposals than on twitter and other networks and platforms. I am by no means insinuating not to use Twitter anymore – I am just saying that it can drag a lot of time that you don’t have especially if you are working for a small winery that doesn’t have ten departments and a substitute for a holiday vacancy.

Twitter is a great tool when it comes to sharing information between the users and helping your brand to circulate through the immense World Wide Web. Nevertheless I think it is important to maintain the personal touch with people, especially in times of web isolation and alienation. The younger generation talks mobile and is probably not able to compare the “web free old world” from the “hyper web advanced new world” but on the other hand right now the younger generation is not the target group here. Certainly not for me! My target group are “medium web experienced old world” people and the majority doesn’t talk twitter nor have they ever heard about it. This will change of that I am sure though right now if I want to sell I have to speak a language my target group understands. Communication is the basis of a good relationship. Twitter is about communication; no doubt about that, still it is so new and so advanced that not everybody can rely to it.

Well in the end it became almost a post, though not investigated and written down just like that. I promise to provide a proper story within the week. I have a lot of work but I will be working from home (thanks to the hyper web advanced new world technologies) and will hopefully have some spare time to write an interesting and entertaining story. In the meantime enjoy some pictures of our cosy cava cellar.reposo criança

mas cavas


girando las cavas

2 Responses to “A Holiday Note”
  1. winepleasuresworkshop dice:

    Looks like you are doing an excellent job for Montau de Sadurní. Keep up the good work! Anything come out of the Wine Pleasures Workshop Buyer meets Spanish Cellar. Many wineries are reporting new customers from the workshop

  2. Thank you! I am in contact with most of the participants however we were no so lucky to get something concrete yet – most probably due to the prices. After adjustment reponses are much more positive 🙂


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