One in a million; Reserva Brut Nature

At this point I would like to introduce the protagonist, the golden Star, we have been talking about so much lately; The  Arrels Montau de Sadurni Reserva Brut Nature.

CAVA BRUT NATURE RESERVAHence how can I possibly reflect a mesmeric aftertaste that suggests a “You must try these bubbles”? I could use the professional taster’s technical argot and tell you that the interaction of Xarel.lo, Macabeu and Parellada has been completed with the most delicate finesse. That the method implied is champenoise and that the brew has aged for more than two years in the Sadurni celler. That due to its vintage it expresses a captivating mildewed aroma with rich toasty and lemon notes. That you detect its extraordinary quality by observing the elegant stream of tiny continuous bubbles and that its golden pale yellow colour not only pleases the eye but also the mouth.

I can do this on the one hand or I can refer to its symbolism and awe-inspiring after effect on the other. I could use an allegory like stirring, stimulating, spellbinding! Or one million adjectives like charismatic, captivating, compelling – I end up with an allegory anyway. Any jargon employed will lead me to the same conclusion that’s why I suggest you try it yourself and let me know your perception on this sparkling wine.

And if you want a second opinion read Catavino’s latest tasting notes on our  Reserva Brut Nature.



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