The Great Chardonnay

Wine is probably the most inspiring subject of all, able to enrich and chardonay-copia-small21 glamorize any context matter. It is prestigious, popular and persistent and it is en vogue. Yes it is currently “in” to drink wine in our society that seems to add and remove trends according to sales and seasons. Throughout the years wine has gained immense popularity among all cultures. What used to be the high society’s drink has after all found its way into the mainstream. Thus wine being already a trend in itself has started to display other trends within this one general tendency.

Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Sekt. There is one for every kind and in chardonay-copia-small22 any form. According to Möet & Chandon, Magnum bottles are the ultimate hit and with Scarlet Johansson as Möet & Chandon’s new promotional image they surely sell. Pop Culture is the right way to shape the mainstream perceptiveness. Antonio Banderas has his own wine so does Obama, Francis Ford Coppola and the Rolling Stones. Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria will launch their own Tequila in Mexico and Kid Rock his own beer. The number of celebrities who have or will have their own wine or liquor is increasing every season. So what’s hot and what’s not? What trend within a trend is the current trend?

According to Telegraph Wine editor Jonathan Ray, Rose is “hip” while chardonay-copia-small23 Simon Difford, publisher of the Difford’s Guides, recons that Albariño is the new Sauvignon Blanc. Ben Smith of Bibendum on the other hand juxtaposes Difford’s affirmation by saying that the Pinot Grigio is the new Chardonnay. Is this about taste or is this about the “it” thing? How trend-driven is wine and how fragile are trends as they can always be replaced by another style. However elusive these tendencies are one thing is for sure; the classics are timeless. Chardonnay for ever! The Pinot Grigio is not the new Chardonnay but the new Pinot Grigio that is “über” at the moment.

The great Sadurni; aromatic Chardonnay, wealthy and in harmony chardonay-copia-small24 with all its components. Nor in neither out though still en vogue. Personification of a wine and the simultaneous reference to a timeless classic doesn’t make a trend but underlines the significance of a great wine and a greater variety. Fermented in wood it expresses a unique bouquet and finds balance between all the aromas that shape its characteristic flavour. Lemon and butter notes interact in harmony and produce a perfect result of delicacy and finesse. Irreplaceable



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