Sant Jordi a lo Polaco

At some point expatriates familiarize themselves and eventually get used to the different habits of the country they have decided to live in. Yesterday Catalonia celebrated the Sant Jordi day with the traditional exchange of a rose and a book. So did we, Polish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Peruvian and many others celebrate Sant Jordi, adding each of us a little bit of our own distinction and devotion to the established tradition.

Thus, Amber and wine was our motto of yesterday’s Sant Jordi celebration which took place at AmberArt Gallery in Barcelona. Underlying mine and other compatriots Baltic roots I couldn’t imagine a better additive than my hometown’s precious gemstone. At this point it is almost crucial to add that the Catalans are called Polacos in historical reference to the beginning of the second republic in which Catalonia became what Poland has once been to Russia; an oppressed state in a state. Polacos are Catalans and Catalans are Polacos; we not only share the name but also the like for good wine, good food, fine things and much more. Unnecessary to mention that Arrels, which means roots, makes the cultural patchwork complete. For what more does one need to celebrate a cultural fusion and to enrich a tradition than roots, flavour and love?

Catalan Arrels and Polish AmberArt can be savoured again on Saturday the 23rd of May.

A big thank you to my compatriots Diana and Lukas, the best amber designers in Barcelona!!!

Enjoy some pictures from our Sant Jordi Wine fiesta

[rockyou id=137460501&w=426&h=320]



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