The legacy of Begues

Begues is a municipality of the Baix Llobregat region with a population of 6078 inhabitants and land area of 50.42km2. Connected with Avinyonet del Penedes and with Gava by a local road Begues covers most of the Garraf Massif region including the peaks of el Montau (658m altitude) and la Morella (594m altitude). Close to Barcelona but untouched by its outer hassle and pressure Begues is somehow lying in the shell, overlooking a panorama of picturesque scenery. One of the best ‘out of town’ alternatives in Catalonia and its surroundings.

The recently discovered prehistoric Cave named after Can Sadurni is located in the farm itself and will very soon be exposed to the public. It is one of the best studied caves of the province. It served as a refugee for nomads who were crossing the valley of Begues towards the Penedes. The cave presumes early Neolithic occupation which dates back to 5500 cal BC. Moreover it preserved ancient objects like roman coins, prehistoric utensils, and tombs which are now exhibited at the Gava Museum. The discovery of Iberian ceramic, other stoneware and pottery from the Iberian roman period prove that the cave had been used continuously throughout the development of civilization.estrats

The Can Sadurni Cave also preserved rests of ancient seeds related to the oldest beer on the Iberian Peninsula dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. Neolithic brewer would have needed nothing but barley, an oven or hearth, and a large fire-proof pot. The result is a pale yellow colour brew similar to ale though with a lot of foam, little gas and a high alcoholic graduation. Following the fieldwork of the University of Barcelona, Archaeologists have recreated the Iberian beer following the exact prehistoric Neolithic procedure. The beer can be tasted at Can Sadurni itself. Cheers!estrats2

2 Responses to “The legacy of Begues”
  1. Froggy dice:

    Hey I tried your cava last nigt… It’s awesome!!
    Good luck

  2. Glad you like it. Thanxs


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